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Why Solar?

There are many reasons to choose solar to power your business or residential home. A few of the biggest ones are:

  • - Matching Peak time output with peak time demand
  • - Reduce the dependence of fossil fuels
  • - Environmental advantages
  • - Modularity and scalability
  • - Government Incentives
  • - Savings in the long run

Blue Sky & Synergy Power:

Synergy Power has helped eligible 501c organization to be awarded over $1 million in project grants, and have contributed over $50,000 in kind contributions to help awardees get larger capacity than the grant specified.

Synergy believes that nonprofits provide deeply needed valuable services to the community, and that makes the community better for all. We have helped non profits, schools, churches, local treasures such as the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and national treasures, such as the training facility and home of the US Olympic Ski and Snowboard teams.

We encourage every 501c organization to learn about Blue Sky and what it can do to lower monthly operating expenses. Please contact us for more information, and let’s see what we can do to help.

Are you a Non-Profit?

The Blue Sky Grant program, began a dozen years ago, and since 2006 has awarded 104 Grants to non profit organizations of all kinds, as well as charter schools, school districts, colleges, and churches.

Funding for the Blue Sky Grant program comes from voluntary participation by Rocky Mountain Power residential and commercial customers, who purchase extra blocks from renewable energy sources each month, and for new sources created.

In 2013 The Blue Sky Program awarded $1.8 Million too 22 applicants from the 2013 round. Synergy Power’s Non-Profit clients received 8 of those 22 awards.

Renewable energy project types (those that generate grid-tied electricity) eligible to receive funding through the Blue Sky program must produce new sources of electricity generation.

To learn more about the Blue Sky Grant program click the button below:

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