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Why women?

Four out of five refugees and internally displaced persons are women, children, and young people.Women face the worst violence as tactics of war including death, rape, and robbery of their children.Women face poverty, social ostracism, honor killings, and mutilation in cases where war or violence has separated them from family.

Investment in women is inadequate (recent data shows that only 3.6% of overseas development assistance was earmarked for gender equality (UNIFEM). And for every dollar of development assistance, two cents goes to girls (Girl Effect). According to the Utah Refugee Service Office’s 2010 data,there are approximately 25,000 refugees in Utah, 12,000 children, and 7,000 adult women.Furthermore, refugee resettlement has increased an average of 25 percent for each of the last three years. Women of the World has active case files with over 200 refugee women and their families.The majority of these women have been in Salt Lake County for less than five years and remain in the low-to-middle income demographic.

Our Programs, Our People, Our Pride.

Review our Women Of The World Program page to see what we are offering our women in support of their objectives.Our programs offer both services for critical needs AND capacity building to ensure that our new neighbors integrate and make a difference in their lives, the lives of their families, and in their communities.

Providing a path.

By the strength of our example and well-developed programs, we show our women how powerful they are and how they can impact others through thriving after their hardships.We support refugee women needs by networking them together so they can build support and encourage one another.

All of this in support of our mission:Helping women of all nations to achieve self-reliance, a voice in the community, and empowering economic success.

We believe that women are empowered when they are well in their body, mind, and soul – that is, when they are healthy, allowed to settle in their homes and social networks, creating opportunities and earning income, and making decisions in their communities.


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