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Solar with a bonus.

1. $350 Visa Gift Card.

2. $1,000 off solar Kodiak generator.

3. $1000 off Panasonic solar panels.

Your first step in the right direction.

Converting to solar energy is a big step. The selection of solar panels to choose from today can be daunting. Working closely with your installer, we want to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

$350 Visa Gift Card.

That’s right when you go solar you’ll get a $350 gift card!

$1000 of a Kodiak
Solar Generator.

Can’t get enough of solar? Go solar today and get a $1000 towards a inergy KODIAK Solar Generator!

$1000 off Panasonic Solar.

When you get a Panasonic Solar we’ll give you a $1000 off of your solar array.


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