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What is net metering?

Net metering is a billing method that gives a credit to residential rooftop solar customers for the electricity they produce and add back into the power grid. After Nov 15th Rocky Mountain Power is reducing the dollar amount they credit back for overproduced energy. Get Grandfathered in to the current Net Metering Agreement before the rate plan changes.

What charges will be imposed?

1. Mandatory Fees.

2. Export rate of 9.2 cents per KWH.

3. Capping the amount of solar.

What happens in the transition period?

For 3 years a case rate study will be conducted to examine the benefits of solar. This study will be the basis of future solar rates. During this 3 year period a transition rate will be used. Instead of trading energy RMP will credit solar customer 9.2 cents per KWH fed onto the electrical grid. Transition rates will be available for anyone who signs up between November 15, 2017 and the future date when the case rate study is complete and new rates are in place. Customers who sign up during the transition period can switch to the new rates or keep the transition rate until December 31, 2032

What happens after transition period?

After Export rate study is complete, examining the cost and benefits of solar on the grid, a new rate structure will be approved and introduced.

How to get grandfather pricing.

Current net metering customers and customers who submit a complete interconnection application to the Company on or before the NEM Cap Date (November 15, 2017) and are interconnected within twelve months from the date the interconnection application is approved for interconnection (the “NEM Customers”) will remain on the current Net Metering Program through December 31, 2035.


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