What is Synergy?

Synergy Power is a DBA of A Frame Construction which has been in business in Utah since 1999 headquartered in Alpine, Utah. We offer proven energy saving products that are associated with the sustainable energy world. We specialize in design and installation for Grid Tie and Off Grid energy systems. Synergy Power is a price-leader in Utah’s solar industry with unprecedented niche in quality and service. We are very interested in providing our services to you for your solar panel installation project now and in the future. With our knowledge and attention to detail we feel we are a great asset to your solar project.

Synergy Power consists of individuals with different backgrounds of expertise. The members involved hold certifications that are nationally and state recognized. Our expertise in these fields sets us apart from the rest. We believe energy should be affordable, reliable, and clean. Let Synergy Power help you to become your own power company and have your energy independence.


Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentive Program is a 50 million dollar program that is spread out over five years. There are three categories in this program: Residential , Small Non-residential, and Large Non-residential. Each one has different capacities available for clients to apply for. The process for applying to receive the rebate is a lottery. Rocky Mountain Power opens the window for applications to be submitted in early January and it is a two week window. The chart shows the capacity available for each program for each year. The rules to this program are very strict but Synergy Power makes this process very easy for our clients.

Tax Credits

Synergy Power helps with all the paper work to secure all the tax credits.

Federal Corporate Tax Credit


Federal Residential Tax Credit


State Personal Tax Credit


State Corporate Tax Credit


Federal Corporate Depreciation


What people say.

“I had been looking into installing a solar system on my house for several years. I, myself have designed and installed a small system on a cabin and have done lots of research in design and availability of systems over the years. Even as late as a year ago I had a quote that was more than double what Synergy quoted. I have a friend who, earlier, also researched prior to his installation and found a good price, but didn''t beat Synergy''s price. Synergy not only beat my expectations for price by thousands, every thing they promised, they delivered and on time. I highly recommending Synergy Solar for anyone that needs a solar system.”



“Chad and crew worked hard to complete the installation by the end of the year, and they did an excellent job.

Chad helped me to understand how the systems work so that I could make the best choice. He is conscientious and responsive to requests and questions. Chad's bid was very competitive in terms of price, and it was thorough. The information in his bid supplemented what is available on the Solar Simplified website. The competitive bid and the depth of long-term information are why I chose Synergy Power.

 The attention to detail and the care that he takes is the same whether he is doing a huge commercial installation or a smallish job like mine, and that appealed to me.

After the installation, he monitored the system, making sure everything was working properly. Chad takes pride in his work, and I am confident that he will continue to be available to answer questions and to make sure all is running well.

I am planning to add more panels to my roof this year, if my budget can stand it, and Chad will be my first choice.”



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