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Posted | by Ben Nieporte

How Can I Evaluate All the Different Solar Companies and Systems?

When converting to using solar power on their Utah home, a series of questions arises. How much of my power bill do I want to eliminate? Will the proposed system size produce the amount of
warranted power needed to meet that objective (sometimes referred to as the Offset Percentage)?

Synergy Power is experienced and prepared to answer the myriad of questions that accompany solar panel installation. To do this, one must narrow down the different subdivisions of solar power installation. By addressing the right kind of questions in the correct order, it’s simple to find what you need, so that you can install solar panels on your Utah home as soon as possible.Utah Solar Panels

Feel free to ask Synergy Power for any of the following questions. Among the most common questions, the following are listed:

  • What type of solar panels do I want? (options are black glass with black trim, black glass with silver trim, blue glass with black trim, blue glass with silver trim)
  • What kinds of solar panels are available in Utah as far as watts, costs, kilowatt hours, etc.?
  • What are the pros and cons of monocrystalline versus polycrystalline solar panels?
  • What are the pros and cons of the 3 major Inverters? Which is best for my circumstance? (options are SMA Sunny Boy, Enphase Micro-Inverters, and Solar Edge with Optimizers)
  • Is the proposed equipment produced by a Tier 1 Manufacturer that meets the following criteria?
    • Including Higher Tier 1 Manufacturing Standards, Longevity and performance history, and financial strength
  • Is it important to know where the equipment is produced?
  • What are the Solar Equipment Warranty terms and timeframe?
  • How do I determine the Solar system cost per watt and/or the cost per kilowatt hour, in order to compare various company proposals apples to apples?
  • How do I adequately evaluate the Solar Contractor?
  • How thorough is my Solar Contractor’s Proposal, and is it all-inclusive? Does it include city/county permits, HOA approvals, taxes, etc.?
  • Does the Solar Contractor market and install the system?
  • How can I know the Solar Contractor’s level of experience and time in business?
  • Are references of previous clients available to call?
  • What are the customer reviews like on the independent website,
  • What is the Solar Contractor’s Better Business Bureau rating?
  • How long is the Solar Contractor’s Installation and Workmanship Warranty?
  • Does the Contractor monitor the system for power production during the manufacturer’s warranty period?
  • Does the Contractor take responsibility to replace faulty equipment promptly so as to avoid a loss of power production? Will the Contractor then take responsibility to resolve any issues with the Manufacturer?
  • Does the Contractor provide the paperwork for the State and Federal Tax credits and Rocky Mountain Power?
  • How long will the Contractor take to get the system installed and operating?
  • Has the Contractor provided financing options that allow the client to redirect the money they are currently using to pay for power to owning their own Utah Solar System? (i.e. No upfront out-of-pocket expense or increase in monthly expenses.)

For more information about how Synergy Power can help you with any Utah Solar Panel questions or concerns, give us a call at 801-420-0391.  We have a trained Staff that can help you with Utah Solar Rebates, Solar Panel Costs, Solar Panel Maintenance, and more!  We look forward to helping you convert your Utah Home or Business to Solar Power.


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